loft bed
  • Accomodation Fee (Rent): 70,000yen/month
  • Food (Breakfast and Dinner): Free
  • Food (Lunch): 10,000yen/month
  • Utilities: Water: Free
  • Utilities: Gas: Free
  • Utilities: Electricity: Free

25 minutes to Ikebukuro St. by train.
30 minutes to Shinjuku St. by train.


Q1:I can’t speak Japanese well. Is it gonna be a problem?

A1:We can speak English and Indonesian. So it doesn’t matter.

Q2:I’m not exactly comfortable with eating raw fish, etc. Will that be a problem?

A2:Not at all. Please let us know what foods you can’t or don’t want to eat. (But please consider trying something new! Japan has so much great food to offer.)

Q3:I’d like to go out to eat with friends every so often. Do I have to eat at home every day?

A3:You don’t have to eat every meal at home. As long as you tell us ahead of time of your plans, it won’t be a problem.

Q4:I don’t know very much about Japanese customs and culture. Is there anything I should do before my homestay?

A4:We will tell you about major culture and custom differences, as well as common misunderstandings faced during homestay. Of course, trying to learn about Japan by yourself is always a good thing, so feel free to ask around or read up on Japan.